May 9, 2023

Get Rid of the Couch, Not the TV, to Help Your Overweight Child


One of the more noteworthy innovations at Wellspring Academies is our fitness center. There, you’ll find large plasma screen TVs with over 400 channels via DirecTV. But here’s the catch

But here’s the catch: we intentionally don’t put couches or comfortable seating in front of the TVs. Why? Because we believe that sitting too much is one of the biggest contributors to childhood obesity.

Research shows that children who spend more time watching TV or sitting in front of screens are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who don’t. This is because sitting for long periods of time burns very few calories and can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

By removing couches and other comfortable seating options in front of the TV, we encourage our students to stand, move around, or engage in light exercise while watching their favorite shows. This simple change can help increase their activity levels, burn more calories, and improve their overall health.

Of course, getting rid of the couch is just one piece of the puzzle. Encouraging healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and good sleep hygiene are also important for preventing and managing childhood obesity.

At Wellspring Academies, we take a comprehensive approach to helping our students achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Our program includes nutrition education, physical activity, behavioral therapy, and other evidence-based interventions to support long-term weight management.

If you’re concerned about your child’s weight or health, we encourage you to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare professional. Together, you can develop a plan that works for your family and helps your child live a happy, healthy life.