What is Wellspringcamps Weight loss camp (Florida & California) all about ?


Yes, we are going to make sure we give you back your teenager with a serious weight loss, that’s the only real part about weight loss camps (fat camps) in California and Florida.

Everything else is a myth. For example, we can help them gain some weight…surprising isn’t it ? But why ? Because you can be interested in losing weight to have visible abs (Ryan Gosling like!) but why not having also a nice looking face by increasing the fat under your eyes naturally ?

What Wellspringcamps is really all about, is making you or your teenagers feel better everytime you or they look at the mirror.

Weight is a perception game : you want to see yourself as good looking. You think your overweight problem is only about your fat hidding your private areas ? Great, we will work only that part! You feel good with some curves  and don’t want to lose it all, just 5-7lbs ? Fine too!

We do not force to lose weight with brutals methods, we find solutions so you leave the camp with the weight loss you need….and want!

If you suddenly lose 15lbs, and that’s not what you really wanted, you will just gain this weight back at the speed of light.

The first step when you join a weight loss camp is to be convinced that it’s what you really want. We can’t create the motivation, but we can teach the methods once you have the motivation. Our instructors, dieteticians, Gym professionals are only tools that you are going to use in order to reach your ultimate goal, becoming a teenager proud of who is and what he looks like. If it means losing 25lbs then we will be there for you, if you want to just lose the extra weight you took because of endometriosis then we can help too.


Tools, methods and dedication to help you reach your weight loss goal, this is what Wellspringcamps is really all about.

Weight Loss camp in Florida and California

Wellspring is The Leading Fitness & Weight Loss Camp in Florida and California

 Welcome to Wellspring Camps, the nation’s leading provider of fitness & weight loss camps for children, teens, young adults & families. Unlike other fat camps, boot camps or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring Camps’ scientific approach to weight loss is giving boys and girls ranging from ages 10 to 26 the inspiration, education and tools to change their lifestyle for the better. In fact, 70% of Wellspring Camps’ participants achieve significant weight loss results during their camp experience and continue to successfully maintain a healthy weight for the long-term. Discover wour Florida and California Weight loss camps. We are involving your teenagers into their own weight loss journey and make them forget about some old bad habits like throwing up to lose weight or thinking that sleeping after exercise is bad for their weight.

Day In The Life

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Long-Term Results

Before & After Wellspring Weight Loss Camp Success Stories

Wellspring is the Nation’s leader in weight loss camps. We’re dedicated to transforming the lives of our participants by giving them the necessary tools, inspiration, and education in order to achieve significant weight loss results including belly fat loss or arm fat loss results and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives.

Simple, Sustainable and Scientific

The scientific, multi-disciplinary Wellspring Plan teaches children, young adults & families struggling with weight issues the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Wellspring offers families and participants sustainable options for maintaining their new healthy habits at home. We invite you to spend time exploring our site to learn why so many more families choose Wellspring Camps than any other fitness and weight loss camp

Scientifically Proven

Wellspring Camps’ approach to weight loss is rooted in science and combines a variety of disciplines to improve our campers’ health and well-being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Wellspring Camps’ behavioral coaches train campers intensively on weight management skills such as self-monitoring, journaling and goal setting while building their motivation and confidence.

Diet & Nutrition

Participants learn about diet and nutrition, food preparation options and which types of foods will keep them on track as life-long weight controllers.

Experienced Staff

Wellspring’s diverse team of health and wellness professionals include psychologists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists, and behavioral coaches who are always inspired to deliver life changing experiences this summer!

Exercise & Activity

At Wellspring Camps, there’s no shortage of fun fitness activities that are critical to successful weight management and help campers develop the skills and confidence they need to continue living an active lifestyle at home.

World-Class Facilities

Our comfortable accommodations and top-notch fitness facilities located in beautiful beach settings make Wellspring the perfect place to have an unforgettable summer.

Get Wellspring Fit This Summer, For Life!


Learn more about the Wellspring Camps experience, our scientifically-driven approach to weight loss, the success of our camp attendees, session dates and camp locations as well as rates and financing options.

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Achieving Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals at Wellspring Camps: The Ultimate Guide to Fat Camps

You have a demanding job or a demanding family or maybe, like most of us : both! Then maintaining a healthy lifestyle is close to impossible (and that’s an understatement!), especially if you have a real overweight problem. If you’re looking for a dedicated and effective approach to weight loss and overall wellness, fat camps give you the support and guidance you need and you didn’t know you needed. We will explore for you the concept of fat camps, with a focus on the now renowned Wellspring Camps in California and Florida. Discover who can benefit from attending a fat camp, what to expect during your stay, how long it takes to see results, pricing information, and more.

What is a Fat Camp?

A fat camp, also named  “weight loss camp” or “fitness camp”, is a structured program designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals through a combination of physical activities, healthy and planned eating habits, education, along with emotional support. These camps create a supportive environment where participants can embrace a healthy lifestyle and learn lifelong skills for weight management but also nutrition basics. Wellspring Camps in California and Florida added a secret ingredient to this : Science!

Who Can Benefit from a Fat Camp?

Fat camps is for, basically, everyone! All ages, including children, adolescents, and adults, who are looking to improve their overall health and achieve weight loss – and it can be any type of weight loss, major ones or minor ones. Whether you’re dealing with severe obesity, facing weight-related health issues, or simply seeking some motivational boost, a fat camp (like Wellspring Camps in California and Florida) can provide the tools and (human) resources necessary to achieve lasting results.

What to Expect at Wellspring Camps

Wellspring Camps, with locations in California and Florida, offer comprehensive programs tailored to individual needs. Upon arrival, participants undergo an initial assessment to determine their starting fitness level and establish personalized goals. The camp blends physical activities like hiking, swimming, sports, and group fitness classes with educational workshops on nutrition, portion control, and behavior modification techniques. Additionally, Wellspring Camps provide therapeutic support, including counseling and group discussions, to address the emotional challenges associated with weight loss.

How Long Does It Take to See weight loss Results after joining a Fat Camp?

The duration of your stay at a fat camp rely only on your weight loss goals and the way your body react (starting from the principale that you are actually motivated to lose weight, or this can be an extra difficulty). Wellspring Camps offer various program lengths, ranging from a few weeks to several months. While shorter stays can provide a kickstart to weight loss, longer-term programs allow for more comprehensive lifestyle changes and sustainable results. The experienced staff at Wellspring Camps will guide you in determining the optimal duration to achieve your desired outcomes. You can find answers to all the basic questions in our FAQ but if you need a human to answer you, you can just contact us . You can also learn more about weight loss by reading our blog about subjects like ” Do I have a wide rib cage or am I overweight ?” or “How to lose fat around private area for male ?

Pricing and Packages

Wellspring Camps offer different pricing options to accommodate various budgets and program lengths depending if you chose Florida or California camp. The cost includes accommodation, meals, activities, counseling sessions, and access to all camp facilities. It’s important to note that the pricing depend of how long you want to stay but also what location you chose – Florida or California. To have an idea of how much you will spend to achieve the weightloss of a lifetime, you can visit this page : https://wellspringcamps.com/schedules-and-pricing/

Success Stories and Testimonials

Wellspring Camps have a proven track record, with numerous participants over the years achieving significant weight loss and making long-term lifestyle improvements. The official website of Wellspring Camps features success stories and testimonials from past attendees who have experienced life-changing transformations. These stories can serve as inspiration and reassurance for individuals considering embarking on their weight loss journey.


Wellspring Camps is an opportunity for old and young, boys and girls, seeking a supportive and structured environment to achieve their weight loss goals. With locations in California and Florida, Wellspring Camps offer a comprehensive program that combines physical activities, nutritional education, emotional support, and counseling. By attending a fat camp like Wellspring Camps, you can kickstart your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and long-term weight management. Remember, your body is unique so will be your weight loss, and therefore the time required to see actual results vary a lot between 2 individuals. First you need determination, then guidance (It’s our job!), and support (your Family’s job!), then we will let the Wellspring magic happen and make you lose the weight you want so much to lose – and we will make this weighloss last.

Get Wellspring Fit This Summer, For Life!


Learn more about the Wellspring Camps experience, our scientifically-driven approach to weight loss, the success of our camp attendees, session dates and camp locations as well as rates and financing options.

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