Two-thirds of the population of the United States is overweight or obese.

University research has shown that nearly 90% of overweight teens will become obese adults, and overweight teens and young adults can face damaging social and medical circumstances as the result. Millions of people each year make resolutions to lose weight and become healthier, but many are unsuccessful. Many adults turn to fat camps as a weight loss solution. The camps promise quick results, but at fat camps, those results come at a steep cost and are ineffective over the long haul.

At Wellspring, the term ‘fat camp’ is the antithesis of what we represent. Our methodology stands distinctly apart from that of traditional fat camps — and it has been proven, time and time again, to work. Here’s what makes us different:

1. Programming backed by science

Wellspring’s programming is based on decades of scientific research.One of the most widely-accepted methods for long-term weight loss is the cognitive behavioral approach. This method helps campers become responsible for their own weight loss decisions, including their diet and exercise routine. Campers set goals and monitor themselves, taking responsibility for their results under the guidance of counselors. Not only does this technique prove effective in the context of the camp, but it also builds self-control and responsibility over the long-term.

2. Long-term results

What about the results? A Wellspring study found that 70% of our campers either maintain their weight or continue to lose weight six months after they left our camp. Participants who lost weight lost an average of 7.4 pounds. To make extra sure that you are successful long-term, we provide a year-long, Continuing Care program which provides campers with ongoing support from a trained Wellspring behavioral coach and their camp Director. This isn’t true of traditional fat camps.

Traditional camps focus on extremely strict calorie limits and a ‘boot camp’-style exercise atmosphere. This methodology causes campers to lose weight while they are at the camp, but campers regain weight as soon as camp finishes. They were never taught strategies for long-term success or how to take full responsibility for their weight. The result is that over half of all fat camp attendees return to camp the next year.

3. Enjoyment

It’s significantly harder to succeed with long-term weight loss if it’s unenjoyable. Traditional fat camps put participants into an extremely stressful boot camp environment with extreme caloric restriction. This strategy can work to cause participants to lose weight at the camp, but is so unenjoyable that campers invariably gain weight when they leave the pressure of camp.

At Wellspring, we take a completely different approach. There are tons of ways to be active while having a great time, and it’s a cornerstone of our mission to make a summer at weight loss camp also one of the best summers you’ve had! Each Wellspring camp has unique activities catered to its location, but here is a short sample:

  • Aerobic kickboxing
  • Kayaking and beach sports
  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Basketball, soccer, and kickball
  • Elite personal training

Wellspring is not another fat camp. We’re a weight loss camp backed by decades of research, hundreds of success stories, and a mission focused entirely on helping you lose weight and keep it off over the long haul. The results our participants achieve are amazing, and they love the feeling of personal responsibility and freedom they are able to have while they get those results.

You’ll love your experience.