May 9, 2023

7 Ways to Help Your Reluctant Wellspring Camper

“Mom I don’t want to go.” 7 Ways to Help Your Reluctant Wellspring Camper Take this Important Step to a Better Life Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, Ph.D., ABPP Professor of Psychiatry

Sending your child to Wellspring for weight loss and healthy living can be a difficult decision, but it’s one that can have a positive impact on their health and well-being. However, some children may be reluctant to attend, which can make the decision even harder. Here are seven ways you can help your reluctant Wellspring camper:

  1. Acknowledge their concerns: Listen to your child’s concerns and fears about attending Wellspring. Validate their feelings and let them know that it’s okay to feel nervous or scared.
  2. Highlight the benefits: Explain to your child the benefits of attending Wellspring, such as improved health, increased self-confidence, and the opportunity to make lifelong friends.
  3. Involve them in the decision: Involve your child in the decision-making process by letting them help choose which Wellspring program they attend and what activities they participate in.
  4. Talk to other Wellspring families: Connect with other families who have sent their children to Wellspring and ask them to share their experiences and insights.
  5. Address any misconceptions: Address any misconceptions your child may have about Wellspring, such as the idea that it’s a boot camp or that they won’t be able to have fun.
  6. Offer support: Let your child know that you will be there to support them throughout their Wellspring journey, and that you are proud of them for taking this important step towards a healthier life.
  7. Trust the professionals: Remember that the staff at Wellspring are experts in helping children and adolescents achieve a healthy weight and develop lifelong healthy habits. Trust their expertise and know that your child is in good hands.

By following these tips and offering your child the support they need, you can help them overcome their reluctance and take the important step towards a healthier, happier life at Wellspring.