October 29, 2023

5 Tips to Lose Weight in Boobs

how to lose weight in boobs

How to Lose Weight in Boobs

My journey to losing weight in my breasts and everything I learned along the way

As a woman, my breast size has always been a sensitive subject. I developed early, hitting a D cup by high school. While some girls envied my “assets”, I spent years frustrated with my large bust.

Far from the sexy boon TV makes big boobs out to be, my breasts were a constant nuisance. They made button-down shirts gap, drew unwanted attention, caused shoulder grooves from heavy bras, and made sports difficult.

After college, my breasts ballooned from Ds to double Ds as I gained the “Freshman 15”. No matter how much I dieted in my 20s, the girls stayed full and perky. I almost resigned myself to having a permanently large chest.

That changed when I had kids. Breastfeeding and hormonal changes packed pounds onto my bust. By my late 20s I was spilling out of an F cup. After weaning my babies, my breasts deflated but were still way bigger than my pre-child chest.

None of my old bras fit anymore. I was self-conscious, irritated, and in physical pain from lugging around my heavy breasts. Enough was enough. It was time to reduce my breast size through natural methods. Here is everything that worked for me.



Step 1: Losing Overall Body Fat

I met with my doctor and got the all-clear to work on losing weight. She advised losing no more than 2 pounds weekly for steady, sustainable results.

The first step was overhauling my diet. I’d been eating a typical busy mom diet – takeout, pizza delivery, drive-thrus, boxed meals – out of sheer convenience. All that processed food was making me inflamed and bloated.

I did a full pantry purge, donating all the junk. In its place, I stocked up on healthy staples: lean proteins like chicken, fish, eggs and plant-based options like lentils, nuts and tofu; tons of fresh fruits and veggies; ancient grains like quinoa, farro and buckwheat; plain Greek yogurt and nut butters for protein; and healthy fats from olive oil, avocados and seeds.

Eating whole foods gave my body the proper nutrition it needed to run efficiently. I aimed for 300-400 calories per meal plus 100-200 for snacks.

I drank a gallon of water daily to stay hydrated. I allowed myself one cheat meal per week to splurge – slice of pizza, a burger, glass of wine – so I never felt deprived. The pounds started dropping off!


Step 2: Incorporating Exercise

Along with cleaning up my diet, I added regular exercise into my routine. As a busy parent, I struggled to find the time at first. But I discovered workouts I could fit into my day. I did 20 minutes of YouTube workout videos during naptime or after the kids went to bed.

I took the whole family on after-dinner walks around the neighborhood. I woke up early and went jogging before the house woke up. I did squats, lunges and arm exercises while cooking dinner. It all added up!

I steadily increased my workouts until I was exercising 30-60 minutes daily. I did a mix of cardio like jogging, cycling and dance cardio videos. I also did full body strength training 2-3 times a week – squats, pushups, arm curls, planks, etc.

Yoga and Pilates videos from YouTube helped build core strength and flexibility. Moving my body regularly accelerated my weight loss.

woman training and running outside to lose weight


Step 3: Targeting the Breasts

After about 2 months of better eating and frequent exercise, I’d lost nearly 15 pounds. My clothes were fitting more loosely and I felt lighter overall.

To my delight, I noticed a reduction in my bra size from 38G down to 36DDD. My breasts were noticeably perkier and firmer.

Turns out all that healthy food provided the nutrients my breasts needed to get toned. And the fat I’d lost all over slimmed my bust along with the rest of me.

To keep enhancing my breast reduction, I added exercises that specifically target the chest. I did pushups on my knees to work my pec muscles. I used light weights for chest presses and rows that lifted and tightened my breasts. Yoga poses like cobra and upward dog firmed my front torso. Regular plyometric cardio like burpees and jumping jacks also helped lift my breasts through increased blood flow.

Massage became part of my self-care routine. My husband gently massaged my breasts using downward circular motions from collarbone to nipple.

This promoted fluid drainage and relaxation. I also regularly massaged my own breasts with lotion to improve skin elasticity. Proper breast support became crucial too – I wore custom fitted, high impact sports bras during every workout.

woman eating good and healthy vegetables to rebalance her diet


Step 4: Staying Consistent

Over the next 4 months, I kept up my healthy regimen of whole foods, frequent exercise, targeted breast exercises, massage and proper breast support through fitted bras and swim tops.

I lost 30 pounds total! The weight came off all over, including several cup sizes from my bust. For the first time in over a decade, I was back to a D cup, sometimes even fitting into a large C.

The best part was how great I felt. No more shoulder grooves or underwire poking into my ribs. I could jog and do jumping jacks braless if I wanted to. Button-down shirts and wrap dresses fit smoothly over my slimmer bust. For the first time in memory, I felt in control of my breast size. I was healthier, happier and brimming with confidence.


My Tips for Losing Breast Fat

Here are my top tips for effectively and safely losing volume in your breasts:

  • Consult your doctor before starting any weight loss plan to make sure it aligns with your health needs. Get their input on a healthy goal weight for your body.
  • Approach weight loss slowly and steadily through lifestyle changes, not crash diets. Aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week maximum through diet and exercise adjustments. Rapid weight loss can contribute to excess breast sagging.
  • Eat a nourishing diet of whole, fresh foods – lean proteins, fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts/seeds, healthy fats like olive oil and avocados. These provide nutrients to help tone breast tissue.
  • Limit processed foods, takeout, excessive alcohol and salty snacks which can cause fluid retention and inflammation.
  • Drink plenty of water – try for at least 64 ounces per day to stay hydrated and prevent bloating.
  • Engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily – mix of strength training, cardio and stretching/yoga. Moving your body burns calories and boosts circulation.
  • Add targeted chest exercises 2-3 times per week – pushups, chest presses, rows, planks. Building chest muscle provides lift and support as breast fat reduces.
  • Use proper form during strength training to work the chest muscles fully. Keep your back straight, shoulders back and engage your core.
  • Practice good posture in your daily life – roll shoulders back instead of hunching forward to minimize breast protrusion.
  • Massage your breasts 2-3 times per week using lotion and downward circular strokes from collarbone to nipple to stimulate drainage and promote skin elasticity.
  • Wear supportive bras that fit properly, especially during exercise. Well-fitted sports bras prevent excess breast sagging during weight fluctuations.
  • Be patient and consistent with your healthy habits. Breasts are often the last area to lose fullness when shedding pounds all over. Stay positive!


woman drinking and eating low calories food



Will wearing the right bra size help me lose breast fat?

Wearing a properly fitted bra can help tone and support your breasts as you lose weight. Bras that are too small smash your tissue and lead to sag.

Bras that are too big don’t provide enough lift. Get fitted for the right bra size by an expert. Look for bras with wide straps, strong bands, and molded cups. Update your bras as your size reduces.

Should I avoid wearing bras to lose breast fat faster?

No, going braless won’t accelerate fat loss in your breasts. Bras provide crucial support to your breasts, minimizing sagging during weight loss. Forgoing bras regularly can damage breast ligaments over time. Only go braless occasionally. Focus on healthy eating and exercise instead to slim your bust.

Can I target breast fat loss through sit ups or crunches?

Sit ups and crunches build core strength but they don’t specifically target breast fat. Spot reduction of fat through exercise is a myth. Full body cardio like running and strength training like chest presses are better for overall fat loss, including in the breasts. Combine with good nutrition.

Will drinking more water help me lose breast fat?

Yes, staying well hydrated is key for breast fat loss. Drinking plenty of water prevents fluid retention in breast tissue.

Water also boosts metabolism, energizes workouts, and flushes toxins. Aim for 64+ ounces per day. Infused water with fruits/herbs adds flavor. Cut out sugary drinks which have empty calories.

How long will it take me to lose breast fat through natural methods?

Results vary based on your starting size and weight loss pace. Plan for a gradual process through lifestyle changes, not a quick fix.

Expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week max through diet and exercise adjustments. Give your breasts time to firm up and adjust as you slim down all over. Patience and consistency are key. Stay motivated!

Final Thoughts

I hope my journey gives you inspiration to improve your breast health through natural methods. Losing cup sizes is absolutely achievable, but it requires commitment to lasting lifestyle changes. Every woman’s body responds differently.

Focus on your overall wellness.

Stay patient with yourself and keep going even when progress seems slow. You deserve to feel strong and comfortable in your own skin!

Feel free to ask me any other questions you have – I’m happy to help. You’ve got this!