September 22, 2023

How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks after Weight Loss

weight loss and stretch marks

I vividly remember that day. The scale showed 150 pounds. Previously, I weighed 250 pounds.

After a grueling two-year journey of lifestyle changes, healthier eating, and daily exercising, the health goal of losing weight was achieved.

Despite the successful weight loss journey, there was a nagging dissatisfaction that came with looking in the mirror: loose skin and stretch marks. These omnipresent marks on the belly, hips, thighs, and arms acted as eerie reminders of a past unhealthy lifestyle.


Love Your New Body First 

Initially, these stretch marks and loose skin induced feelings of shame and embarrassment, leading to the habitual wearing of oversized clothes and an aversion to situations where less clothing was required like visiting the beach or a pool. The fear of judgment was a powerful deterrent.

This perspective, however, underwent a transformation.

With time came the realization that these stretch marks were significant – they symbolized the colossal effort, dedication, and resilience that had gone into the health improvement journey. They signified overcoming challenges, emerging stronger.


woman with stretch marks after losing a lot of weight


Creating a Game Plan

Once I embraced my stretch marks, I set out on a mission to minimize their appearance. I wanted to take care of my skin the best I could after the rapid weight loss had left it damaged.

I researched products and treatments that dermatologists recommend for reducing stretch marks. I made appointments with doctors to discuss options. I spoke to friends who had successful stretch mark removal.

After a lot of information gathering, I created a game plan for tackling my stretch marks that included:

  • Moisturizing daily with creams and oils
  • Getting microneedle and laser treatments
  • Trying dermarolling at home
  • Exfoliating 2-3 times a week
  • Massaging my skin with serums and creams

The plan combined professional treatments with at-home practices for maximum results. I knew it would take time and consistency, but I was determined.


woman with stretch marks after a major weight loss


My Daily Skin Care Routine

My daily skin care routine focused on keeping my skin hydrated and healthy.



After showering, I pat dry my skin and then apply a vitamin E oil while my skin is still damp. The oil seals in moisture. I let the oil soak in for about 10 minutes.

Next, I use an exfoliating body scrub on any rough patches or bumpy areas. The scrub reveals newer skin by sloughing off dead skin cells.

Once I rinse off the scrub, I pat my skin dry again. Then I apply a thick moisturizing body cream all over and massage it in. The massaging motion improves blood circulation in my skin.


At night, I repeat a similar routine, swapping the exfoliating scrub for an antioxidant serum containing collagen and retinol. I gently massage the serum into my skin for 2-3 minutes to promote absorption.

I finish with a nourishing body oil before bed. The overnight oil hydrates my skin while I sleep.

Consistently following this routine kept my skin looking and feeling smoother.

Professional Treatments

In addition to my daily care, I used professional treatments to improve my stretch marks faster. Here are some of the most effective ones I tried:


The process uses needle pricks to create micro injuries in the skin. This stimulates new collagen production and healthy cell turnover. I got microneedling done every 6 weeks by an experienced esthetician. The procedure helped reduce my indentated scars significantly over time.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments use concentrated beams of light to resurface the skin. I got a series of fractional CO2 laser treatments done monthly. The laser targeted my stretch marks, improving their appearance by rebuilding elastin and collagen under the surface.


At home between microneedling appointments, I used a dermaroller tool. This device is covered in tiny needles that you roll over marks and scars. It encourages regeneration of skin cells and collagen without damaging the skin’s surface. I gently rolled it over my stretch marks a few times a week.

Though pricey, these treatments delivered the best results. The combination of stimulating collagen production and cell turnover reduced my stretch marks’ size, coloration, and indentations.

Lifestyle Changes

Aside from skin care practices, I also incorporated lifestyle changes to prevent new stretch marks from forming. These included:

  • Drinking 64+ oz water daily
  • Applying sunscreen before sun exposure
  • Eating collagen-rich foods like bone broth and citrus fruits
  • Staying within 20 lbs of my goal weight
  • Doing strength training to build muscle
  • Massaging my skin with bio-oils during pregnancy

Making these habits part of my routine ensured my skin stayed healthy and resilient.


cream for the body to retense the skin


My Go-To Products

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered which creams, serums, and oils work wonders on stretch marks. Here are my top product recommendations:

  • Bio-Oil – This nourishing oil contains vitamin E, chamomile, and purcellin oil to hydrate skin and reduce scarring. I apply it after showering.
  • Bakuchiol Body Cream – Bakuchiol is a gentler retinol alternative that stimulates collagen without irritation. This cream smooths my skin.
  • Seaweed Body Scrub – This exfoliator uses minerals from seaweed and Dead Sea salt to slough off dead cells and reveal glowing skin.
  • Vitamin C Serum – Serums with vitamin C brighten skin and help fade discoloration from stretch marks. I apply one at night before moisturizer.
  • Coconut Body Butter – For ultra hydration, I smooth on this rich coconut cream after showers. It softens rough patches.

Using high-quality skincare products made a significant difference in improving my stretch marks faster.



Can microdermabrasion make stretch marks less visible? 

Yes. Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment. It uses a small tool. It sprays tiny crystals on your skin. These crystals remove dead skin cells. This action gently polishes your skin. It can make stretch marks softer. It can make them less noticeable too. But this takes time. Microdermabrasion works slower than lasers. However, it is cheaper.

What if you have very deep or old stretch marks? Can they be fully removed? 

This might not be possible. Severe and old stretch marks are deep in your skin. They may not be erased completely. But, don’t get disheartened. Serious skincare and treatments can help. They help by promoting new collagen growth. They can also smoothen your skin’s texture.

Does nutrition have a role in dealing with stretch marks? 

Absolutely. Eating a balanced diet is vital. It should be rich in vitamins A, C, and E. This boosts your skin’s elasticity. It can prevent new stretch marks. Moreover, some nutrients are crucial. Nutrients like silica and omega-3s. They help boost collagen production. Over time, they help ‘fill in’ existing marks.

What about retinol or retinoids? Can they harm the skin around stretch marks? 

Yes, in some cases. Products with high retinoids can be harmful. They include tretinoin or retinols. They might irritate your sensitive skin. This can affect the area around stretch marks. It’s essential to be cautious. Start using these products in low strengths. Gradually, build your skin’s tolerance while treating stretch marks with them.

Can losing muscle mass very quickly cause stretch marks?

Yes. A rapid decrease in muscle mass can lead to stretch marks. Weightlifters often get marks when stopping training.

What’s better for new pregnancy stretch marks: oil or cream?

Oil better absorbs into skin for pregnancy stretch marks. Apply vitamin E or coconut oil daily to hydrate and prevent tearing.

How long until microneedling improves the texture/depth of marks?

Results visible after 3 sessions done 4-6 weeks apart. Collagen remodeling continues improving skin texture for up to 12 months.

Will retinol thin and damage stretch mark skin more?

Can start irritation and thinning. Use gentle formulations combined with hydrating products to avoid this. Slowly increase retinol percentage.

How often should moisturizer be applied to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Moisturizer should be applied to the belly, hips, thighs, and breasts at least 2 times per day during pregnancy to keep skin flexible and avoid tearing. Consistent hydration is key.

How long do you need to wait between laser treatments for stretch marks?

Most dermatologists recommend waiting 4 to 6 weeks between laser sessions to allow enough time for the skin to heal between treatments. Collagen takes weeks to rebuild.

My Key Takeaways

Getting rid of my stretch marks after major weight loss required patience, diligence, and self-love. But with the right approach, your skin can bounce back. Here are my top tips:

  • Moisturize obsessively – hydration is vital for promoting new collagen to fill in marks.
  • Exfoliate regularly – this reveals fresh new skin and prevents buildup in marks.
  • Get professional treatments – microneedling, laser therapy, dermarolling speed up results.
  • Massage marks daily – improves blood flow andproduct absorption.
  • Live a stretch mark-free lifestyle – stay hydrated, use sunscreen, eat healthy fats and proteins.
  • De-stress – high cortisol worsens scarring; relax and manage stress.
  • Be consistent – it takes diligence and time, but you will see improvements!
  • Learn to love your body – flaws and all; self-acceptance is beautiful.

I hope my journey and tips motivate you in your own stretch mark removal efforts. Our bodies are incredible, always striving to heal themselves when cared for properly. With patience and love, you will reduce the appearance of marks over time. Stay diligent and believe in your skin’s regenerative powers!