September 6, 2023

Best 5 Weight loss Camp in California

Bigger loser resort in palm desert official picture

Top 5 Review of Leading Weight Loss Camps in California

Selecting the ideal weight loss camp is paramount to achieving your fitness aspirations. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of some of California’s top weight loss camps I tested in the past few years, taking into account their 1 and 2 weeks programs, outdoor and indoor sports activities, cooking and nutrition approaches along with additional noteworthy details like past clients reviews.

The Biggest Loser Resort – Palm Desert, CA

  • Programs:
    • The Biggest Loser Resort offers highly structured programs to not allow you to make any mistakes (missing important nutrition tips etc..), including daily fitness classes, nutrition workshops, and cooking demonstrations.
    • A typical day might include morning hikes, strength training, yoga, and low-impact aquatic exercises.
    • The camp offers various program lengths, from one week to two weeks, to accommodate different time commitments.
  • Sports and Activities:
    • The camp provides a long list of sports and activities, such as swimming in their own swimming pool, tennis, and outdoor group sports (basketball etc..).
    • Their trainers emphasize both cardio and strength training exercises for balanced fitness.
  • Nutrition Approach:
    • Participants are educated on portion control, balanced meal planning, and calorie management.
    • The camp promotes a sustainable approach to nutrition so you can continue it after you leave the camp, focusing on whole foods and smart eating habits.
  • Testimonials:
    • “Structured and effective, The Biggest Loser Resort helped me not only shed pounds but also gain confidence in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” – Sarah T.
  • Website: The Biggest Loser Resort – Palm Desert


Bigger loser resort in palm desert official picture


PFC Fitness Camp – Carlsbad, CA

  • Programs:
    • PFC Fitness Camp offers holistic programs combining fitness, nutrition, and emotional wellness.
    • Their 1 week programs include daily fitness classes with a fitness trainer used to work with overweight people, one-on-one nutrition counseling based on your needs, and emotional wellness workshops.
    • The camp provides customizable fitness plans tailored to individual needs and goals.
  • Sports and Activities:
    • Activities range from hiking and beach workouts to yoga and fitness challenges, which is better than most other camps as you don’t stay inside all day long.
    • Personal trainers ensure workouts are tailored to individual fitness levels and goals.
  • Nutrition Approach:
    • Participants learn about mindful eating, meal preparation, and the importance of balanced nutrition.
    • PFC promotes a sustainable approach to eating, emphasizing real, whole foods and not artificial and transformed food.
  • Awards and Recognition:
    • PFC Fitness Camp has received multiple awards and recognitions for its exceptional programs and facilities.
  • Sustainability Efforts:
    • The camp is committed to sustainability, with eco-friendly practices and a focus on sourcing local and organic foods for all the meals served during your stay.
  • Personal Review:
    • “PFC’s holistic approach taught me that weight loss isn’t just about diet and exercise; it’s about a total lifestyle shift.” – Alex S.
  • Website: PFC Fitness Camp


PFC trainer running


The Ranch Malibu – Malibu, CA

  • Programs:
    • The Ranch Malibu offers a luxurious retreat with daily hiking, fitness classes, and guided meditation sessions.
    • The programs also include a 1200-calorie-a-day organic diet and a digital detox working very well as 1200 calories is all you need daily!
    • The camp’s detox approach aims to promote well-being by cleansing the body.
  • Sports and Activities:
    • Participants engage in strenuous daily hikes through the stunning Malibu hills.
    • Yoga and strength training sessions complement the hiking.
  • Nutrition Approach:
    • The camp promotes detoxification through a 1200-calorie-a-day organic diet.
    • The focus is on cleansing and teaching participants to appreciate nutrient-dense foods when most of them usually eat Fast-food high fat and transformed food.
  • Notable Guests:
    • The Ranch Malibu has attracted notable guests and celebrities seeking a transformative wellness experience.
  • Personal Review:
  • Website: The Ranch Malibu


Mid aged people doing TRX training at the ranch malibu


Live In Fitness – Los Angeles, CA

  • Programs:
    • Live In Fitness provides customized fitness and weight loss programs that adapt to participants’ specific needs and goals.
    • Their programs typically run for 1 to 3 weeks, with a focus on behavioral change so you keep changing once you leave the camp and nobody overviews you anymore.
    • Personalized fitness plans are designed to address individual challenges and goals.
  • Sports and Activities:
    • Activities vary widely, including strength training, boxing, swimming, and outdoor sports.
    • Personal trainers and coaches tailor activities to individual fitness levels.
  • Nutrition Approach:
    • The camp focuses on what they call mindful eating, portion control, and creating a sustainable relationship with food, not an addiction relation.
    • Participants receive personalized nutrition guidance.
  • Success Stories:
  • Website: Live In Fitness


women working out on the live in fitness los angeles beach


Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa – California

  • Programs:
    • Mountain Trek offers immersive week-long programs that include daily hiking, fitness classes, and mindfulness sessions.
    • Programs focus on detoxification and stress reduction since stress eating is a real phenomenon.
    • The camp changes its location seasonally, offering participants unique experiences depending on the time of year and allowing past participants to come every year without having to see the same camp every time.
  • Sports and Activities:
    • Hiking is the core activity, with treks through California’s scenic landscapes.
    • Yoga, strength training, and relaxation techniques are also included.
  • Nutrition Approach:
    • The camp promotes a clean eating approach with balanced, plant-based meals.
    • Participants learn about portion control (by weighting every of their meals) and creating healthy eating habits without any stress or addiction involved.
    • The camp also emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
  • Nature Conservation:
    • Mountain Trek is committed to nature conservation, with eco-friendly practices and a focus on respecting natural environments.
  • Personal Review:
    • “Mountain Trek offered me a rejuvenating escape into nature, combined with effective fitness and nutrition guidance.” – David R.
  • Website: Mountain Trek


camp of the mountain valey retreat



These 5 weight loss camps in California offer distinct programs, sports activities, and nutrition approaches, but in the end they mostly focus on 2 things: teaching you how to continue your progression once you are back home, and removing all feelings about food to focus on eating for a “living” purpose not anymore a “healing” purpose. Your choice should align with your fitness goals and personal preferences. Consider reading reviews, visiting their websites, and speaking with representatives to determine which camp best suits your needs.

Please verify the latest information, as services and programs may have evolved since my last knowledge update in September 2021.